Hells500 [E16] Mens Hells500 Bib. (x 1)


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Hells500 Mens Hells500 Bib [E16]

Standard Pose:
dyed fabric except center panel and legband DARK BLUE DYED SHORT COLOR ( kb-cmyk(#0A0D2B,100%,78%,0%,83%))
Standard Pose: BLACK ( kb-cmyk(#000000,56%,0%,56%,95%))
White ( kb-cmyk(#ffffff,0%,0%,0%,0%))
PANTONE Cool Gray 7 C ( kb-cmyk(#97999B,8%,2%,7%,44%))
WHITE ( kb-cmyk(#FFFFFF,0%,0%,0%,0%))
(between 13 & 16 character per line) NO
Text Line 1 Line 1
Text Line 2 Line 2
Text Line 3 Line 3
Text Line 4 Line 4
Text font Arial
Text colour
Standard Pose:
For AU$ 6.00 No Reflective
Standard Pose:
Leg-length Std. Length [AUD$ 0]
Standard Pose:
Size Sku Quantity
Large L 1